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The Morpho-Functional Analysis and Bioimaging Unit (AMOBIO) provides an open access to a wide range of updated optical and fluorescence microscopy techniques, live cell imaging, confocal microscopy and 3D/4D  image processing towards the understanding of the three-dimensional cell structure and functioning of  subcellular components. The unit also provides training in the use of the equipment.

Pulsante servizi Pulsante strumentazione



Affiliated Personnel

Luigia Santella - Coordinator
Giovanna Benvenuto - Technologist
Giovanni Gragnaniello - Technician
Franco Iamunno - Technician
Rita Graziano - Technician
Giampiero Lanzotti - Technician
Jovana Randelović - PhD student Open University
Nunzia Limatola - Postdoc

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