Analyses of environmental and biological variables

MEDA Servizi4 Data processing of the automatic profilers, chemical and instrumental analyses of the main environmental and biological variables

Coastal monitoring of chemical, physical and biological parameters

VISIONE GENERALE Continuous monitoring system along the Gulf of Naples coast

Coastal vessels management

MEDA Servizi5 The MEDA unit manages two coastal vessels (M/B Vettoria and M/B Hippocampus), used for environmental monitoring, research and teaching. Moreover, it provides support for their use

Hydrographic surveys and sampling

MEDA Servizi2 Continuous acquisition by means of multi-parametric probes and/or profilers. Collection and pre-treatment on board of samples for the main chemical and biological analyses

Material collection and scuba diving

MEDA Servizi3 The unit deals with the collection of material to be used for both research and outreach activities Moreover, it carries out scuba diving activities

Monitoring and environmental consulting

MEDA Servizi1 Sampling, environmental analysis, data elaboration and drafting of technical and scientific reports, in the context of different types of environmental monitoring commissioned by local and national institutions or private entities

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