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Research Area
Environmental monitoring

Principal Investigator
Raffaella Casotti

Project Manager
Francesca Margiotta

Project Lifetime
Oct 2014 to Feb 2017

Funding Institutions
Terna Rete Italia SpA

Contribution to SZN
390 K€ euro

La nuova rete dell’energia per l’Isola di Capri

The aim of the project is to monitor the marine environment possibly affected by the cable laying and the commissioning of the power line by 150 kV "New SE Capri - Torre A. Center" by the Italian Terna network, the national operator for electricity transmission. The construction of the power line will increase the safety and reliability of electricity supply to the island of Capri, with the objective of minimizing the risk of blackouts especially in summer. This work involves the construction of a 150 kV AC of a total length of 31 km (including 30 submarines and 1 on mainland) which will link the current station of Torre Annunziata with a new power station in Capri.

Environmental monitoring in the area affected by the laying of the cables is designed to control marine ecosystems, highlighting any possible situation of stress or environmental impact derived from the different phases of construction of the plant. In particular, the planned investigations concern:

1. Chemistry and physic of the water column;
2. Posidonia oceanica beds;
3. Hard bottom habitat (coralligenous);
4. Macrozoobenthos;
5. Chemical, physical and biological tests of sediments
6. Morphology and bathymetry of the seabed.

Monitoring operations will be conducted according to a precise timetable: i) white phase (pre-construction surveys), ii) phase of the execution of the works and iii) end of installation (about 24 months after the end of the work).

What we do
We are the partner in charge of the chemical analyses of the water column. In particular, we take care of sampling and subsequent analysis of nutrients (organic and inorganic ) , phytoplankton biomass ( chlorophyll a) and total suspended solids (TSS ).

CoNISMa (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare), IAMC-CNR (Istituto per l’Ambiente Marino Costiero), CIBM (Centro Interuniversitario di Biologia Marina ed Ecologia Applicata “G. Bacci”).

Meet the team
Raffaella Casotti
Francesca Margiotta
Maria Saggiomo
Marco Cannavacciuolo
Augusto Passarelli
Violante Stefanino
Gianluca Zazo

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