UV-Visible spectophotometer Agilent 8453

MEDA Instrumentations1 The instrument measures the light absorption of mixtures or UV - visible standards  in order to obtain the exact concentration of the compound of interest

SHIMADZU RF-5301PC spectrofluorometer

MEDA Instrumentations2 It is used for the quantitative and / or qualitative analysis of fluorescent substances. Taking advantage of the high sensitivity, it allows the quantitative determination of substances present in concentrations too low for spectrophotometric analyses

HPLC Agilent 1100 series

MEDA Instrumentations3 The HPLC is an analytical instrument utilized to separate and to purify the components of a sample mixture, to identify and to quantify each component

Thermo Scientific FlashEA 1112 Elemental Analyzer

MEDA Instrumentations4 The Thermo Scientific FlashEA 1112 analyzer delivers rapid and precise determinations of Nitrogen and Carbon on solids

Flow Sys Systea Autoanalyzer

MEDA Instrumentations5 It allows the simultaneous analysis of nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate and silicate). Moreover , analyses of total and dissolved organic Nitrogen and Phosphorus can be carried out

PhytoPam Walz

MEDA Instrumentations6 PHYTO-PAM can be used to assess the photosynthetic performance and light-adaptation status of different types of phytoplankton

Remote Operating Vehicle - ROV POLLUX III

MEDA Instrumentations7 The instrument is used for visual exploration of the seabed through a controlled cable edge which guides the underwater vehicle and can operate up to a maximum depth of 300m

Independent Oceanographic Platform Remote Programmable and Operable- Wave Glider - SV3 074

MEDA Instrumentations8 The instrument is an oceanographic platform with a self-motive, autonomous and programmable detection operable remotely. It is equipped with oceanographic and meteorological sensors

VMP 250 (TurboVMP) Vertical Turbulence Profiler

MEDA Instrumentations9 It is a versatile profiler for the measurement of micro-scale turbulence

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