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The unit is involved in the collection of samples, environmental data and material for research. It manages two coastal vessels (M / N Vettoria and Hippocampus), equipped with instruments for measuring and sampling environmental parameters. It is responsible for management and maintenance of buoys and advanced oceanographic instrumentation. The unit carries out scuba diving activities. Moreover, the unit performs chemical analyses of the main environmental and biological parameters.

MEDA Servizi1 MEDA Instrumentations3 MEDA Instrumentations9




Affiliated Personnel

calendario meda

Fabio Conversano - Technologist
Francesca Margiotta - Technologist
Maria Saggiomo - Technologist
Franceso Terlizzi - Technologist
Marco Cannavacciuolo – Technician
Augusto Passarelli - Technician
Violante Stefanino - Technician
Gianluca Zazo - Technician
Laura Escalera - PostDoc
Laura Grauso – Research Assistant
Milva Pepi – Research Assistant
Luciana Sabia – Scholarship

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