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The unit aims at providing model organisms for research purposes. We use mainly marine organisms. Activities are grouped into two main lines: research and service provision. The research is aimed at optimizing techniques for the production and rearing of model organisms in captivity. The service produces and rears the principal Mediterranean marine species used in embryology, ecotoxicology, genomics, plant and animal physiology.


Astropecten aranciacus paracentrotus lividus mesocosms and aquaria






Valerio Zupo – Coordinator
Fulvio Maffucci – Technologist
Alfonso Toscano – Technologist
Alberto Macina – Technical collaborator
Davide Caramiello – Technical collaborator

Associate personnel

Regarding the research, the Unit collaborates with SZN researchers and external scientists to improve rearing and culture techniques. This collaborative research, driven by technologists in the Unit, encompasses animal physiology and testing of various marine species for their suitability to be used as emergent models for research.

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