The unit manages the Aquarium and the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre, two essential infrastructures for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and raising public awareness on the conservation of marine ecosystems. The staff is dedicated to improving the aquarium practices to reduce the intake of exhibited animals from the wild and to the development of protocols for the care of debilitated or injured marine animals. It also conducts applied research in the field of monitoring and management of marine fauna.


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The Aquarium

Rescue Center
for Marine Turtles



Affiliated Personnel 

Sandra Hochscheid, Coordinator

Andrea Affuso (50% Aquarium/50% MaRe)

Antonino Pace

Fulvio Maffucci

Gianluca Treglia

Francesco Di Liello

Mariapia Ciampa

Andrea Travaglini (50% Aquarium/50% MAB)

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