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The location of the Villa Dohrn-Benthic ecology Center at Ischia, offers  an ideal opportunity to easily access at various coastal zones and marine habitats along the coast of Ischia and the other Phlaegrean islands. These zones, some of which well known and studied in the course of long-term  investigations by the Villa Dohrn staff, represent actual natural laboratories for in situ observation, qualitative and quantitative sampling, visual censuses, measurements of environmental variables, as well as eco-physiological studies along environmental gradients. These activities are supported by a dedicate research boat, the R/V Phoenicia (10 m long), a tender "Dohrn" (6 m long), and a SCUBA diving room for scientific diving located inside the Villa, equipped with various SCUBA diving gears, a R.O.V.  (Prometeo) and an electrical carrier.

Research boat Phoenicia Ischia (Foto Gambi M C )

ROV  a Vila Dohrn (Foto Bruno Iacono)

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