Reference: Graziano Fiorito

lab biocomportamAnalysis of the behavior of marine organisms and its adaptive plasticity.

It includes apparata for image and video analysis, video recordings, morphological and morpho-functional analysis of the nervous system and other organs and systems.

Classic and basic biological laboratory equipments are also provided.

Systems for the experimentation

  • Technologies for the observation and measurement of behavior.
  • Systems for the morpho-functional analysis.
  • Anterograde and retrograde transport in nerve fibers. Electrophysiology as applied to nervous system.
  • Ultrasound and sonography.

lab biocomportamAnalysis and approaches

  • Morfo-functional characterization of neural systems as applied to marine invertebrates.
  • Biological, cellular and physiological analysis of learning and memory recall.
  • Neural modulation.
  • Assessment of variability of behavioral responses.
  • Analysis sensory-motor systems.


  • Ultrasound devices.
  • Sliding and rotary microtomes, cryostat.
  • Video cameras and video-recording systems (digital and analogue).

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