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Maria AgnelloResearch Fellow

Paul Andrews, Research Fellow

Fabio Badalamenti, Research Fellow

Giorgio BernardiChair

Silvia Caianiello, Research Fellow

Ernesto Carafoli, Research Fellow

Maria Luisa Chiusano, Research Fellow

Livia D'Angelo, Research Fellow

Mario De Stefano, Research Fellow

Carlo Di Cristo, Research Fellow

Adriana Giangrande, Research Fellow

Daniela Giordano, Research Fellow

Ferenc JordánResearch Fellow

Carina LangeResearch Fellow

Loredana ManfraResearch Fellow

Antonio MiraltoResearch Fellow

Ettore Olmo, Research Fellow

Giovanni PaganoResearch Fellow

Alberto Pallavicini, Research Fellow

Sergio Papa, Research Fellow

Alessandra RogatoResearch Fellow

Gian Luigi Russo, Research Fellow

Maria Beatrice Scipione, Research Fellow

Marco Taviani, Research Fellow

Antonio TerlizziResearch Fellow

Tomas Vega FernandezResearch Fellow

Cinzia Verde, Research Fellow

Diego VicinanzaResearch Fellow

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