Bolinesi Francesco
Borgonuovo Camilla
Brancaccio Mariarita
Buschi Emanuela
Busseni Greta
Caccavale Filomena
Campese Lucia
Chellapurath Mrudul
Coppola Ugo
Dell’Anno Filippo
De Luca Daniele
Donnarumma Vincenzo
Eliso Maria Concetta
Epinoux Alexandre
Filogna Silvia
Fioretti Sara
Longobardi Lorenzo
Macel Marie-Lyne
Martinez Kevin
Mascolo Celeste
Mazzella Valerio
Milito Alfonsina
Mordret Solenn
Mutalipassi Mirko
Napolitano Rachele
Pace Antonino
Paganos Periklis
Pelusi Angela
Piccardo Manuela
Ranđelović Jovana
Ruocco Miriam
Ruocco Nadia
Russo Ennio
Sepe Rosa Maria
Strano Francesca
Styfhals Ruth
Trano Anna Chiara
Valero Gracia Alberto
Volpe Massimiliano
Voronov Danila

PhD Thesis @SZN

Butera Emanuela  
Volatile Organic Compounds from Marine Plants: Effects on the Behaviour of Benthic Invertebrates
Chiarore Antonia  
Genetic variability of macroalgae of the genus Cystoseira in the Gulf of Naples and analysis of the associated molluscs community
Coppola Ugo


Evolutionary and Developmental Survey of Genes Involved in Chordate Pigmentation
Cuomo Claudia  
Gut Patterning in Development and Evolution. A Comparative Differential Transcriptomics Approach
D’Agostino Ylenia  
Generation and characterization of BDNF knock-out in zebrafish by CRISPR/Cas9 system
Di Cristina Giulia  
Nociception in the cephalopod mollusc Octopus vulgaris: a contribution to mapping putative nociceptors in the octopus arm
Fasano Giulia  
Effects of (Methylcyclopentadienyl) Manganese (I) Trycarbonil on dopaminergic neurons in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Gadekar Veerendra GP  
Functional exploration of antisense long non-coding RNAs containing transposable elements: a bioinformatics approach
Galasso Christian  
Marine Biotechnology: a sea of new resources and solutions for ocean and human health
Gaonkar Chetan  
Diversity, distribution and evolution of teh planktonic diatom family Chaetocerotaceae
Grech Daniele  
Historical records and current status of Fucales (Cystoseira and Sargassum spp.) in the Gulf of Naples
Imperadore Pamela  
Nerve regeneration in the cephalopod mollus Octopus vulgaris: a journey into morphological, cellular and molecular changes including epigenetic modifications
Jahnke Marlene  
Population connectivity and genetic diversity in Mediterranean seagrasses in the framework of management and conservation of the coastline
Kumar Amit  
Sargassum vulgare adaptation under natural acidified conditions
Limatola Nunzia  
Meccanismi molecolari che regolano la maturazione meiotica e la fecondazione di uova di echinodermi
Mordret Solenn  
Palladino Antonio  
Combined Functional, Cellular and Behavioural Studies to get Insights on Sensory Organs of Ciona Robusta Larvae
Pargana Aikaterini  
Functional and Molecular Diversity of the Diatom Family Leptocylindraceae
Richa Kumari  
The distribution, diversity and activity of picoplankton in coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea with a focus on the Gulf of Naples
Sabatino Valeria  
Silencing of lipoxygenase pathways in the diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia
Smerilli Arianna  
Enhancement of carotenoid biosynthesis and antioxidant responses in microalgae by light modulation
Tarallo Andrea  
Genome Composition Plasticity in Marine Organisms
Tutar Ozge  
Valvassori Giulia


Genomic and phenotypic analyses of polychaete sibling species Platynereis dumerilii and Platynereis massiliensis in relation to Ocean Acidification
Varrella Stefano  
Effects of Diatom Derived Oxylipins on Morphology and Gene Expression During Embryonic Development of Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus
Vassalli Quirino Attilio  
Onecut gene regulatory network in chordate development and evolution
Vitale Laura  
Molecular insights into the mating system of the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata using genetic and genomic approaches

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