Gabriele Procaccini

Gabriele Procaccini

Research interests: evolutionary ecology of populations and species of marine organisms. Understanding of their adaptive potential in response to environmental changes and clines. Study of the molecular basis underlying adaptation at a genotypic and genetic level, through phylogeographic, population genetic and environmental genomic approaches.

Selected Publications:

1. Tesson S., Legrand C., Montresor M., Kooistra W.H.C.F., Procaccini G 2013 Inheritance patterns and genetic variation acquired during mitotic divisions and sexual reproduction in the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata Protist, 164: 89-100

2. Lauritano C., Carotenuto Y., Miralto A., Procaccini G., Ianora A. 2012 Copepod population-specific response to a toxic diatom diet. Plos One, 7(10): e47262

3. Procaccini G., Beer S., Björk M., Olsen J.L., Mazzuca S., Santos R. 2012 Seagrass ecophysiology meets ecological genomics: Are we ready?  Marine Ecology: An evolutionary perspective, 33: 522-527

4. Serra I.A., Lauritano C., Dattolo E., Puoti A., Nicastro S., Innocenti A.M., Procaccini G. 2012 Reference genes assessment for the seagrass Posidonia oceanica in different salinity, pH and light conditions. Marine Biology, 159:1269–1282

5. Wissler L., Codoñer F.M., Reusch T.B.H., Olsen J.L., Procaccini G., Bornberg-Bauer E. 2011 Back to the Sea twice: identifying candidate plant genes for molecular evolution to marine life BMC Evolutionary Biology, 11: 8

6. Serra I.A., Innocenti A.M., Di Maida G., Calvo S.,  Migliaccio M., Zambianchi E., Pizzigalli C., Arnaud-Haond S., Duarte C.M., Serrao E., Procaccini G. 2010 Genetic structure in the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica. Disentangling past vicariance events from contemporary patterns of gene flow. Molecular Ecology, 19: 557–568

7. Andreakis N., Kooistra W.H.C.F. and Procaccini G 2009 High genetic diversity and connectivity in the polyploid invasive seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis (Bonnemaisoniales) in the Mediterranean, explored with microsatellite alleles and multilocus genotypes. Molecular Ecology, 18: 212-226

8. Waycott M., Procaccini G., Les D., and Reusch THB 2006 Genetic studies in seagrasses: molecular systematics to population genetics and beyond. In: AWD Larkum, R.J Orth and C. Duarte (eds) Seagrass: Biology, Ecology and Conservation. Springer, The Netherlands

9. Ruggiero M.V., Reusch T.B.H. and Procaccini G. 2005 Local genetic structure in a clonal dioecious angiosperm. Molecular Ecology, 14(4):957-968

10. Alberte R.S., Suba G.K., Procaccini G., Zimmerman R.C., Fain S.R. 1994. Assessment of genetic diversity of seagrass populations using DNA fingerprinting: implication for population stability and management. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. Vol. 91: 1049-1053.

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